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Your Dreams Have An Expiration Date

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  • Have you every had a really big dream but you’re nowhere close to accomplishing that dream?
  • Or maybe you have a really big goal, but month after month, year after year, you are no where close to crossing it off of your “to do” list.
  • These are some of the things that regularly show up as New Year resolutions but they never happen.
  • In many ways, our dreams, our goals are like fresh fruit, veggies or meat you buy at the grocery store.  They have an expiration date.  At some point, they will go bad and you’ll be unable to eat them.
  • It’s the same with your dreams and goals. Your dreams and your goals have an expiration date.
  • The truth is that we regular put off what we say is important. There’s an amazing Spanish proverb that says, “Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week.” I find this to be 100% true. Too many of us say, “I’ll get to it tomorrow.”
  • People will tell you, “Don’t feel bad. It’s never too late.”
  • Well, I have some news for you. It may never be too late, but the longer you wait, the harder it gets.
  • When Senator Barack Obama was considering running for president, he sought the advice of other politicians. Many told him that he was too young and inexperienced to run for President.
  • But one person told him, “Never count on the window staying open.” He knew that Obama had a window and he had to act or not act. He decided to take action. The rest is history. We now call him President Obama.
  • Right now, you have a “window” for that goal or project that you say is important to you. If you don’t move forward on them you will end up with nothing but regret.
  • Right now there are people accomplishing great things. Are they smarter than you or know something that you don’t? No! The only difference between you and them is that they are taking consistent action everyday.
  • You can do the same thing.
  • We’ve been led to believe that we have to do something radical or take some crazy risk to accomplish our dreams. This couldn’t’ be further from the truth.
  • Here’s what I’ve come to learn: breakthroughs come in small steps.
  • What’s that one step you can take today? Not five steps, not 10 steps, not 15 steps. That ONE step that you can take today towards what you say is important. Identify it and do it.
  • Your dreams have an expiration date.
  • It’s never too late but the longer you wait the harder it gets.
  • The window only stays open for so long. Right now is your time.
  • What is that one step you can take right now to move closer to making your dreams and goals come true?

Antonio Neves is nationally recognized leadership speaker, award-winning journalist and author of 50 Ways To Excel In Your First Job (And In Life).

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