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VIDEO: You Don't Miss The Old Days. You Miss This...

You can listen to the episode HERE.


  • Have you ever found yourself or someone you know saying, “I miss the old days” as they reminisce about the past?
  • The truth is, the truth that you may not like to hear, is when people say “I miss the old days” what they’re really saying is “I miss the old me.”
  • You don’t miss the old days, you miss the old you!
  • We miss who we use to be, who we once were “back in the day” in the midst of our youth and rebellion.
  • We miss being bold, confident, optimistic, and more. The world was our oyster.
  • Our sentences back then were filled with, “I’m going to…travel the world…start my own business…get promoted to vice president…hang out until 5 am….move to a new city... And on and on and on.
  • Then, 10 or 15 years later, bam! We find ourselves somewhere we didn’t anticipate being based on the choices we did and did not make.
  • Some of us find ourselves more exited about a new Netflix series or how many likes we got on last social post instead of our actual lives.
  • Here’s the harsh truth: The old you is dead. Gone. That chapter has closed.
  • We can go back and reread old journals, reminisce with friends over a drink, and look at old photos and post them as #TBTs if we like, but it’s still over.
  • Have you accepted that it’s over? Most will never will.
  • The problem about daydreaming about the past is that means that we’re never present in the moment of today.
  • Instead of moving forward, our energy is spent looking backwards.
  • The good news. Everyday is a brand new chapter.
  • Instead of looking back, look forward.
  • A great way to do this is to look at your life as if it was a movie. Now imagine the movie is halfway over. What would the lead character, you, do right now to start turning things around?
  • What courageous step would the lead character take?
  • What would the lead character stop doing?
  • What would the lead character start doing?
  • You are the lead character. But it’s not a role. It’s your real life we’re talking about.
  • The old days are gone.
  • I don’t miss the “old you.” I didn’t know that person.
  • I’m more interested in who you are right now and what you’ll do next.

Antonio Neves is nationally recognized leadership speaker, award-winning journalist and author of 50 Ways To Excel In Your First Job (And In Life).

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