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Nothing Happens All

Of A Sudden


Have you ever found yourself beginning a sentence with:

All of a sudden…
One day...
Out of the blue…

For example:
“One day I realized that I hate my job….”
“All of a sudden, I realized that I was in a completely different situation than I had imagined for myself…”
“Out of the blue I got fired..."
"Suddenly my relationship was in shambles.…”
The truth is that nothing happens: “Out of the blue,” “One day,” or “All of a sudden.”

Everything builds up slowly over time. We ignore whatever it is until we no longer can and then life smacks us in the face. Smack!

Brené Brown says, “The universe is not short on wake-up calls. We’re just quick to hit the snooze button.”
In my experience, I believe this statement to be absolutely true.
Here’s the challenge: when we hit the “snooze button” and ignore what’s true for us, we can start to self-sabotage and ignore doing what’s most important.
This can present itself as:

-Binge watching Netflix
-Having the regular glass of wine or beer (or two) and the end of the day
-Starting stupid fights with our partners
-Doing “good enough” work at office
-Spending time with people we probably shouldn’t spend time with
-Distracting ourselves with stuff that doesn’t matter
-And more...

Now here’s an important question:

Based on your current path, what are you moving towards?
I’m a firm believer that deep inside you know the answers to your most pressing questions and challenges.
The hard part is acknowledging what’s true for you and writing it down, or gasp, saying it out loud.
Writing it down or saying it out loud is where your path forward starts to become real. Not listening to podcasts. Not reading another book. And not distracting yourself.
You create momentum by first being honest with yourself, and then taking deliberate action. One step at a time. Not two, three or five steps, just one at a time.
To support you with taking a step forward today, get out a piece of paper or open up a blank Google Doc and answer this question:
Based on your current path, and if nothing changes, what are you moving towards in your life? Is it a brighter future? Or, is a worse future?
If this question has your mind racing, great.
Don’t think too much. Just write. Be honest. Be true. Be real.

Don’t judge what you write. Don’t self-edit. Don’t get into the whys and why nots. Just answer straight from your heart. No chaser.

Identify small shifts you can start making. My hope is that your future is far brighter than yesterday.

Antonio Neves is a nationally recognized leadership speaker, award-winning journalist and author of 50 Things Every College Student Should Know.

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