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An Uncommon Approach To Life

Why what you're doing isn't working and how to fix it.


  • My mission is to help you (re)discover what makes you great, so you can start living courageously today.
  • What is your approach to life and is it working? Only you know deep inside if it’s working or not working.
  • For the longest time, I approached life from a very heavy, very serious perspective. I approached life as if it was going to be a fist fight. I approached life like I was carry a heavy bag of bricks on my shoulder.
  • Someone once told me, “If you don’t have fun it doesn’t count.”
  • This means that you have a say with how you choose to approach and live life.
  • This doesn’t mean that life is always going to be easy or that there won’t be societal problems, but it’s how choose to focus yourself, your energy and your attention.
  • Here are three questions about how you approach life. These questions can give you some insight about why things are, or are not, working in your life.
  • First, do you approach life with a frown or with a smile?
  • When you approach life with a smile, things are so much lighter, so much more interesting and people want to interact with you.
  • When you approach life with a frown, things are heavy and they are burdensome.
  • When you go outside, look at the elderly. People with wrinkles. You can notice in their wrinkles if they have lived a laugh smiling and laughter, or a life frowning and fear.
  • Second, do you approach life open as if your arms are widespread, or closed as if you’re in a straight jacket?
  • If someone shares some interesting news with you, do you get excited about it or, do challenge them and push back?
  • It’s so much more fun to approach life open as opposed to closed.
  • Third, do you approach life with a genuine curiosity? Do you approach it as if humming, “Hmm” and getting curious and wondering about something? Or, do you approach it with displeasure and a, “Hmph!”
  • When we wonder and are curious, it opens up opportunities. It allows an opportunity to shift. When we are negative, things get heavy and we create friction in relationship and tension.
  • To know if your approach to life is working, think about your relationships and how you approach them. Think about your career and how you approach. Think about the conversations you have in  your head with yourself.
  • The opportunity we have is to smile, not frown.
  • The opportunity we have is to be open, not closed.
  • And the opportunity we have is to get curious with a “Hmm…” instead approaching life with displeasure and a “Hmph.”

Antonio Neves is a nationally recognized leadership speaker, award-winning journalist and author of 50 Ways To Excel In Your First Job (And In Life).

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