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Episode 11 - Light Watkins

In this episode of The Best Thing, I talk to Vedic meditation teacher and the author of Bliss More, Light Watkins. They talk about the best thing to ever happen to Light that would never appear on a resume, bio or come up in conversation. In this conversation, Light shares how romantic relationships coming to an end have greatly influenced his life.

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Quick Episode Summary

  • Meet Light
  • The best thing that happened to Light
  • The breakups
  • The power of creativity
  • The inner guidance
  • How to hear your inner voice
  • The people Light loves to help
  • Embracing uncertainty
  • Why Antonio loves Light’s writing

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 Antonio Neves is a nationally recognized leadership speaker, award-winning journalist and author of 50 Ways To Excel In Your First Job (And In Life). He's currently working on his next book with Penguin Random House (Harmony Rodale)

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