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The Job Interview Mistake That's

Keeping You From Getting Hired


Have you ever had a job interview where you totally owned the room?

You walked away from feeling like you did great and that you would receive an offer? But then, you receive an email or phone call saying, “We decided to go with another candidate.”

Unfortunately, odds are you didn’t job is because no one ever told the job interview secret that you must know to get the job.

This is the secret that students don’t learn from their college career services department.

This is the same secret that you don’t learn in mock interviews.

This is what every person preparing for a job interview must know.

Here’s the truth: If you go into a job interview only prepared to answer the questions that you are asked, you have failed.

With job interviews you must find creative ways to distinguish yourself to stand out from other candidates.

If you look like everyone else on LinkedIn, you must find ways to stand out.

To stand out you must have an agenda. This is something that politicians and celebrities use with success in press interviews.

Having an agenda means that you have an objective.

For the next job interview, identify three things they must know about you before the interview ends.

These three things must be shared whether they ask you about them or not.

The three things you share are the things that are going to make you stand out. These are probably things that don’t show up on a resume or Google search of your name.

An example is maybe in college you took classes full-time and worked full-time to pay for you tuition. This is impressive. It shows that you have an amazing work ethic.

Or, maybe every year with your church or own your own your volunteer your time to go to a developing country to teach English or help build fresh water wells. This shows that you have compassion and are giving.

For some, this could for the past few years, once a week you posted a photo to a blog with and share stories about the background of the photos, the camera settings and more. This shows dedication.

These are things that make you stand out.

Once again, do not go into a job interview only prepared to answer questions. You will not get the job.

Go to job interviews with an agenda, the three things they must know about you before you leave the room.

This will ensure that you stand out, that you are memorable and that you get the job offer.

Antonio Neves is a nationally recognized leadership speaker, award-winning journalist, creator of Own The Room and author of 50 Ways To Excel In Your First Job (And In Life).

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