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How To Save Yourself

(Because No One Else Will)

  • My mission is to help you (re)discover what makes you great, so you can start living courageously today.
  • I want to share a message with you that I ignored for a long time.
  • No one is going to save you. But you can save yourself. 
  • Right now, someone is at home waiting for their phone to ring with some good news that will positively make their life better. Odds are, that call isn’t coming.
  • However, you can start to make some phone calls that will start to improve your life.
  • Right now, someone is watching this and they applied for a job in the dream city where they want to live. They sent in their cover letter and resume with the hopes of getting hired. Well, odds are you will not get hired because they will hire someone that already lives in that city who can start the job tomorrow.
  • The good news is that you can start saving money so you can visit or spend a vacation in the dream city where you want to live or move there to make it easier for you to get hired.
  • Right now, someone is hoping to get verified on a social media platform with the coveted blue check mark. Odds are, you are not going to get verified that you are you.
  • However, I have great news for you. No blue check mark can verify you. You verify you. You were verified the day that you were born.
  • St. Augustine said, “Pray as if everything depended on God. Work as if everything depended on you.”
  • No one is going save you. But you can save yourself.
  • Pick up the phone and make some phone calls.
  • Be so good they can’t ignore you.
  • Do the work that so many are unwilling to do so you can stand out and live an exceptional life.

Antonio Neves is a nationally recognized leadership speaker, award-winning journalist and author of 50 Things Every College Student Should Know.

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