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It Doesn't Matter What

College You Go To


Have you ever wondered if it makes a difference if you attend a top elite university or a standard state college? With college admission bribery scandals, people are talking more and more about this.

I’m the author of 50 Things Every College Student Should Know and the graduate of a state university. I’m also the graduate of an Ivy League university. I’ve got news for you: It doesn’t matter what college you attend.

Believe it or not, the vast majority of successful people, men and women doing fantastic things on our planet, didn’t attend colleges at the top of the rankings. Many attended colleges and universities that you may have never heard of.

There are also ridiculously talented men and women doing amazing things who either didn’t finish college or never went.

The sad truth is that the college admissions process has been hijacked. It has become big business. “Best Colleges” lists don’t tell the whole story. If you only knew what schools did to get on those lists. It’s slimy.

Sadly, this makes parents and students seriously anxious and causes some even break the law. This is unnecessary.

What matters is not what school is on your resume, but what you do those years that on campus.

Here’s how you have an amazing college experience no matter what college you attend.

1. Find Your Allies On Campus

Social media is awesome. And, regardless how many “followers” you have online, know this: real life supporters are greater than social media followers.

Find your Allies. This are people that encourage you, inspire you, challenge you, push you, hold you accountable and test you to be the absolute best version of yourself. These can be students, staff and professors.

Find your people. These relationships will last long after college is over.

2. Collect Unique Experiences

No one wants to talk anyone who does have interesting stories to tell. College is the perfect time to collect unique experiences and to stretch yourself and grow. The opportunities are endless.

You can join student organizations or start your own. Join an intramural sports team. You can volunteer in the local community. Get involved in student government. You can study abroad in a foreign country and learn a new language. You can get an internship at places like Walt Disney World.

The key is to say yes, lean in, get uncomfortable and have fun.

3. Finish Something

Beyond finishing projects for your classes, while on campus regularly finish something just for you.

This could include releasing a song or album with your band. Or, maybe you start your own blog on a topic you’re passionate about and you publish something new every single week. If there’s a cause that you care about, you can have a fundraiser every semester to raise money.

Become known as a finisher. When you regularly finish stuff, you build up confidence, have something to show potential employers and demonstrate that you’re reliable and know how to get things done.

It doesn’t matter what college you attend. It matters what you do when you’re on campus.

Antonio Neves is a nationally recognized leadership speaker, award-winning journalist and author of 50 Things Every College Student Should Know.

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