• The Best Emcee & Host For Your Event or Awards Show


    Antonio Neves

    Award-winning broadcast journalist (NBC, PBS, E!, BET) with over 10 years experience hosting major events. He offers the perfect balance of gravitas and humor.

    Antonio has hosted scores of corporate conferences, award shows and major events.


    Whether speaking to over 5,000 people at a trade association conference, making audiences laugh at a corporate awards shows, or conducting real-time interviews with people like former Secretary of State John Kerry, no event is too large or small for Antonio.


    With over 10 years experience as a television host and correspondent with top networks including NBC, PBS, Nickelodeon and BET, Antonio is a pro at working with producers and event planners. Further, based on his experience in live television, he shines when real time adjustment or schedule changes are needed.


    Clients and audiences include: Credit Union National Association; Stryker, Consumer Electronics Show (CES), L37, the ADCOLOR Awards, Langley Federal Credit Union, Big Omaha and scores more.


    To book Antonio for your event call (888) 559-7629, complete THIS FORM, or e-mail antonionevesspeaks@gmail.com.

    What Clients Say About Working With Antonio

    “As our emcee and host to the world’s largest attended credit union conference, Antonio has brought a breath of fresh air and positive energy to CUNA’s Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC). He is a natural on the big stage, integrates his own personal stories to our message and has a unique ability to engage and connect with our audience. Additionally, Antonio addresses our Young Professionals at the event and is always the highest rated speaker. We refer to him as 'the Swiss Army knife' of our GAC, because he can literally do it all."
    -Todd Spiczenski, Chief Products & Services Officer, Credit Union National Association

    "At L37 Creative our customers demand flawless, meaningful and memorable event experiences for their attendees with no risks. And to deliver on that in a hosting role, we and our customers have put our trust in Antonio many times. His positive attitude, professionalism, relentless enthusiasm and clear focus on the attendee experience have won over even the most challenging of audiences."
    -Ryan Legue - Principal, L37 Creative

    "Antonio is a one-of-a-kind speaker who has blown away our ADCOLOR attendees. He connects and empowers audiences in a genuine way with a combination of expertise, humor and humility.”
    -Tiffany R. Warren, Chief Diversity Officer, Omnicom Group

    "Antonio is a dynamic host and has been a hit at Big Omaha."
    -Jeff Slobotski - Founder, Big Omaha

    To book Antonio for your event call (888) 559-7629, complete THIS FORM, or e-mail antonionevesspeaks@gmail.com.

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